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Raj Process Equipment and Systems Pvt. Ltd. is a private sector enterprise founded by engineers who are committed to delivering high-quality process equipment and turnkey solutions for various industries. We specialize in designing, manufacturing, and commissioning turnkey solutions for chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and other industries.

With a focus on continuous improvement and innovation, Raj Process Equipment has evolved to become a solution provider rather than just a process equipment company. 

Our expertise in molasses-based distillery plants has made us a popular choice in India and abroad. We offer distillery plants that use various raw materials such as sugarcane juice, sugarcane molasses, sugar beet molasses, and other materials for producing alcohol. These plants are not only provided across India but also exported to various countries around the world.

Raj Process Equipment has a strong international presence with exports to countries like USA, Italy, Malaysia, Cuba, Israel, Indonesia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Finland Nigeria, Uganda, Bhutan, China, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Iraq, and Ukraine. We have an aggressive marketing approach and a wide distribution network to support our future export business. Our company’s focus on quality and customer satisfaction has helped us build a reputation for providing strong customer support and complete customer satisfaction.

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Industries We Serve

Pharmaceutical Industry

Sugar Industry

Waste Water Treatment

Agro Industry

Food Processing Industry

Dairy - Milk Processing Industry

Cement Industry

Automobile Industry

Petro-chemical Industry

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Our Patented Technology

The Concentrated Bio-Methanated Spent wash with 30-40% Solid from the Multiple Effect Evaporator is fed into the Spray Dryer by feed Pump. In the Spray Dryer, the liquid is atomized by high speed Atomizer at the top of the Chamber. The Hot Air is generated by using the Biogas Based Direct Fired Hot Air Generator and further diluting it with the Boiler Flue Gas, High efficient Air Distributor is used to feed Hot Air in Spray Chamber. In Spray Chamber atomized feed is mixed with flue gas as the atomized spent wash comes in contact with the Hot Air, immediately the water Evaporates & free flowing dry powder with less than 5% moisture is discharged from bottom of Chamber, The process air carries fine particles which is further arrested in high efficient cyclone. Very fine particles cannot be arrested in cyclone.

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