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Agitators are important components utilized in various industrial processes, including mixing, blending, and stirring of liquids and other materials. These devices are essential for ensuring that the mixing process is consistent, efficient, and effective. As leading agitator manufacturers, RAJ Process Equipment is committed to delivering high-quality and efficient agitators to meet the diverse needs of our clients. 

Our agitators are designed and manufactured using advanced technologies and innovative techniques to ensure optimal performance, reliability, and durability. We take pride in delivering agitators that are customized to our clients’ unique requirements and are built to withstand the most challenging industrial environments.


Side entry, top entry or bottom entry agitators are available.

Our Versatile Designs

Paddle type, Turbine, Anchor type, Propeller design and other product specific custom built designs are available.



Our agitators are designed and supplied to cater to a wide range of tank capacities, starting from as low as 50 liters to as high as 100,000 liters, ensuring that we can provide solutions for a variety of industrial applications.


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