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At a WHEY processing plant, milk is a valuable source of minerals, containing about 0.7-0.8% on average. Whey, a by-product of the production of hard, semi-hard, or soft cheese and sweet whey from rennet casein, is a rich source of minerals that can be used to create high-quality whey powder. The whey processing plant separates protein, fat, lactose sugars, and salts 

from the whey stream to recover valuable fat, protein, and sugars. However, this process also creates a low-value whey permeate stream with a high biological oxygen demand (BOD).

The WHEY protein processing plant has a wide range of applications, especially in the food industry. Condensed Whey and Whey powder can be used for both production of foodstuffs and animal feed.

RAJ Process is an excellent partner for whey processing plant projects due to their proven experience in managing major capital projects, as well as their process expertise and active involvement in developing turnkey plants. With this expertise, RAJ Process can provide the best technological solution for whey processing plants, taking into account both processing economics and product quality.

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