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Conical blenders are crucial for various industries, handling a range of mixing applications. A conical blender consists of a conical vessel with a double-start helix ribbon mounted on a central shaft. This type of blender is used for mixing, granulation, and homogenizing applications. It handles a range of applications from all types of powders including free-flowing to cohesive and moist powders, 

bulk dry materials to wet cakes and slurries. Discharge of the product is fast and simple as the bottom is fully open. RAJ Process Equipment is the leading conical blender manufacturer from Pune, offering high-quality equipment and exceptional customer service. Their blenders are renowned for their precision, accuracy, and reliability. RAJ’s team of experts works closely with clients to understand their specific requirements, and they use cutting-edge technology to design and manufacture the best quality equipment. With exceptional customer service, RAJ Process Equipment is the go-to manufacturer for any industry in need of a reliable conical blender.

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