Spray Dryer Manufacturers

RAJ Process Equipment, is a premium Industrial Spray Dryer Manufacturer in India. With decades of experience and expertise, we have established ourselves as the go-to source for high-quality and reliable spray drying solutions.
Our range of spray dryers is designed to accommodate feeds in liquid form, including those containing water or other solvents.  Feeds may be in the form of solutions, slurries, or 

emulsions, and the final particle size required will depend on the specific needs of your application. To achieve the desired particle size, our spray dryers utilize one or a combination of the following atomization systems:

  • Two fluid atomization.
  • High pressure single fluid atomization.
  • Rotary disc atomization.


These Spray Dryers have a water evaporation capacity ranging from 1Kg/Hr to 18,000 Kg/Hr

CIP Systems

Our spray dryers come equipped with integrated Cleaning in Place (CIP) systems, providing an automatic and efficient cleaning solution for the entire system. This feature is particularly useful in cases where multiple products are dried in a single system and frequent washing is necessary. With our CIP systems, cleaning is fast and thorough, minimizing downtime and ensuring maximum efficiency.


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