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RAJ Process equipment is a global leader in the manufacturing of Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) plants. This system is designed to treat effluent that mainly contains suspended solids and turbidity. The effluent, which is produced from service water washing in various areas, is collected in a common pit and then pumped to a flash mixer for chemical mixing. To coagulate and flocculate the suspended and colloidal matter, the effluent is dosed with Alum, Lime, and Polyelectrolyte. 

After chemical mixing, the water flows through a flocculation tank for further flocculation and then through gravity to a tube/lamella settler for clarification. The clarified water is led to a common monitoring basin via gravity, while the sludge generated in the process is collected and pumped for further treatment.

Zero Liquid Discharge is a process that benefits both industrial and municipal organizations and the environment by saving costs and eliminating effluent discharge. Zero Liquid Discharge Plant Manufacturers and Suppliers offer advanced wastewater treatment technologies that recycle nearly all of the produced wastewater.

ZLD Specific Technology

Zero Liquid Discharge manufacturer have systems that are now a necessity for industries that generate liquid effluents. These systems use advanced treatment methods to recycle almost all of the wastewater produced, with no liquid waste discharged. ZLD systems are particularly useful in areas with limited common effluent treatment plant capacity. They are commonly used to treat reverse osmosis (R.O.) reject streams, a concentrated stream of contaminants produced during water purification. by utilizing chemical and physical processes such as evaporation and membrane filtration to recover high-quality water and byproducts.

Zero Liquid Discharge Plant

In zero liquid discharge plant operation, effluent is treated in three different steps depending upon the effluent specification. RAJ Equipment are one of the best Zero Liquid Discharge Suppliers in India that create world-class ZLD Plants.

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Raj Process Equipment are Zero Liquid Discharge Manufacturers that manufactures Easy to use ZLD Plant which has become a necessity for all the industries generating liquid effluents.

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