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Thermal Desorption Unit Manufacturers

RAJ Process Equipment is a leading thermal desorption unit manufacturer in India, known for producing highly efficient units of world-class quality. They have established themselves as market leaders through innovation, state-of-the-art facilities, skilled workforce, and strict quality control measures. This system, designed by thermal desorption unit manufacturers, 

is intended for the recovery of hydrocarbon from drill cutting mud and rigs. The process involves feeding the mud into the dryer through a hopper and using heavy-duty paddles to churn the material. Hot air generated in a hot air generator is passed through the dryer’s external jacket to heat the material to the design temperature, causing the hydrocarbon trapped inside the drill cuttings to evaporate. The vapors generated are filtered through a metal type bag filter to remove dust particles, then passed through a condenser to condense the hydrocarbon vapors. The condensed liquid is stored in a receiver and pumped to an oil-water separation unit. The system is handled by two centrifugal fans and controlled by a locally mounted control panel with automation instruments and safety interlocks to ensure safe operation.


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