Guar Gum Plant

Guar Gum Plant Machinery Manufacturer

Guar gum is obtained from the Guar Gum plant, which requires a complex process involving different machinery to achieve maximum yield with minimal force and heat. The process of designing and configuring the plant is critical to its efficiency. In Pune, RAJ Process Equipment is a well-known manufacturer of Guar Gum plant machinery.

 They specialize in designing and building the entire plant and offer installation assistance to their clients. As one of the leading Guar Gum plant machinery manufacturers in India, RAJ Process Equipment ensures the plant is manufactured efficiently and to the highest quality standards.

Raw Material

Guar Seed is the primary raw material for Guar Powder production. The seed consists of 3 main products i.e. Guar Split, Guar Churi, and Guar Korma.


Guar Gum Manufacturing Process

Depending upon the requirement of end product various processing techniques are used. In India the commercial production of Guar gum is normally undertaken by using process of roasting, differential attrition, sieving and polishing.

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