Flash Dryer Manufacturers

RAJ Equipment is a trusted name in the world of Flash Dryer manufacturing. Our cutting-edge flash dryers deliver superior performance, efficiency, and versatility. From standard models to custom-built solutions, we have the expertise to meet your unique flash drying needs. RAJ Process Equipment is a leading Industrial Flash Dryer Manufacturer in India, offering cutting-edge solutions for a wide range of applications. 

Our flash dryers are designed to reduce moisture content from 35% to 10%, making them ideal for briquette production. With our advanced technology, we can dry even the most heat-sensitive materials, ensuring superior performance and efficiency. Our flash dryers are not only widely used in India but also exported overseas, making us a trusted and reliable supplier in the global market.

A] Spin Flash Dryers

Spin Flash Dryers, is a versatile solution for drying wet cakes that are heat sensitive. Our unique design allows for simultaneous drying, pulverizing, and classification of various materials, ensuring exceptional quality and reliability. Our Spin Flash Dryers delivers superior performance and efficiency for all the industrial needs.


B] Cage Mill Flash Dryers

This flash dryer consists of a vertical pin type rotary and stationary cage design, enabling efficient and uniform drying of wet feeds. The wet feed is introduced at the center of the rotating cage, where it is quickly dispersed and dried by hot air with residence times as low as 0.5 to 2 seconds. Our flash dryer provides a gentle and effective drying solution for heat-sensitive products, without any degradation. Trust our advanced flash drying technology to deliver superior performance and efficiency for all your industrial needs.


RAJ Process Equipment’s Flash Dryers are available in a wide range of capacities, from 10kg/Hr to 5000kg/Hr product rate, providing a versatile solution for various Industrial Applications.


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