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We manufacture high quality HT panels for our clients with an extensive range. These compact outdoor type systems are widely used in various industries. The panels are provided with circuit breakers or switch fuse that protects the equipment from any sudden voltage fluctuations. HT Panels fabricated using high quality material these ensure their long functional life, durability, and effective performance. 

RAJ Process Equipment’s plants are capable of drying whole egg, egg yolk, and egg white (albumen) using a spray dryer. While egg white and egg yolk powders have different characteristics, they can be dried in a single spray dryer. However, to ensure optimal product quality and avoid contamination, it is recommended to use a separate dryer for each product. With RAJ Process Equipment’s advanced manufacturing techniques and expertise, customers can expect high-quality egg powder production plants that meet their unique needs and requirements.


1] Process Automation and Control Panel

2] Factory Automation and Control Panel


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