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Enzyme Powder Plant Manufacturers

RAJ Process Equipment is the leading manufacturer of high-quality and reliable Enzyme powder plants in India. An enzyme has various industrial uses nowadays. It is used in Food processing, Detergent and Textile industry, Brewery & Rubber industry, and Biofuel industry, Biological detergent and Pharmaceutical industries. 

RAJ Process Equipment’s plants are capable of drying whole egg, egg yolk, and egg white (albumen) using a spray dryer. While egg white and egg yolk powders have different characteristics, they can be dried in a single spray dryer. However, to ensure optimal product quality and avoid contamination, it is recommended to use a separate dryer for each product. With RAJ Process Equipment’s advanced manufacturing techniques and expertise, customers can expect high-quality egg powder production plants that meet their unique needs and requirements.

The Production of Enzymes

Enzymes are produced for industrial use through a process known as fermentation, which utilizes microorganisms such as yeast and bacteria. Once the fermentation process is complete, the enzymes are recovered and purified before being standardized either in liquid or powder form, depending on their intended application. RAJ Process Equipment employs cutting-edge drying technology to create high-quality enzyme powder that meets the needs of various industries.

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